My caretakers

Thursday, as much as I might have wanted, I could not get these kids to school. Of course, there was a transportation strike in the city and I had this Amazing virus/flu that would not let me walk any great length without coughing up a lung.
So, my two young children stayed home with me and played "nurse".

I'm not sure where they got their degree, but they were pretty funny.
They did not take orders and pretended not to hear me most of the day.Wait a second, they might have gotten their degrees in Paris!
So this is how we spent Thursday.
Me on the bed and them running circles.
Thursday night I called in help, Katie.
Katie saved me and ever so kindly came and picked up Jaylee and took her to school Friday morning.
Being careful not to infect, I sent Jaylee in the elevator by herself.
Now, that's all she wants to do.
Mid morning I went to the doctor.
Her question to me was,
"did you not get a flu shot?"
Hmm. Hindsight.
Apparently there is no magic bullet for the flu virus.
Just rest.
Brandon came to my rescue Friday evening and took over for the next 40 hours until he left...again.
Then, my sweet neighbor brought this over on Sunday.
This is a homemade apple rum tart made by a real Parisian grandmother! I am going to the store in the morning for ice cream to go with the rest of it. She also, made a fresh quiche with ham, egg and cheese. Jaylee wants to know,
"how does she make all those yummy, real things?"
She also brought these, which I will admit I was scared of. I have seen them at the butcher, but was way to scared to try one.
It is ham, egg and gel. I know a bit different, but THIS description is much better.
It was really good!!!
I am so thankful to have them in Paris. They remind me on a daily basis that there really are very nice Parisians out there. She even talked me into a glass of port at her house. She is well into her 80's, I figured she should know best how to beat the flu.
We were standing inside and I was not 100% sure of what she was saying, so in French I said, I don't understand. To which Jaylee says, "MOmmmm, she wants to know if you will sit."
Thank you Five year old.
I only know the command "Sit Down!" in French. I apparently speak child French and Jaylee has now passed me up.
Not only have her language skills passed me, but her social calender has left me in the dust as well.
While I was on the couch Saturday not able to recall the last time that I showered, she was at a dress up party HERE, hosted by Chocolat Show.
It was a birthday party for one of her little friends who has the sweetest little smile. She only speaks French and she is very shy, but her smile is the warmest thing you have ever seen. Jaylee came home with a gift bag that looked like it came out of fairytale book and her face had been professionally painted! She was a one happy girl, if you could get past the sugar high. I could not, so I placed her royal fanciness in time out.
O' reality sucks.
So, slowly but surely, I am feeling better. I do a little, rest a little and then repeat.
Here's to a healthy week!

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