I learn something new everyday. Today I learned something about French blue cheese.
The USA is now charging them a 300% import tax on any blue cheese coming into the States.
Where did I learn this?
From a nice French man while shopping for produce today.
First, he asks me if I'm British, which I am not. I tell him I'm from the United States. He says,
"The French are not very happy with you."
Jokingly I say, "with me?" And he says,
"Yes, your country is charging us 300% tax on cheese."
I will say this, he was a nice French man, very scholarly and witty. I must also give him credit, because just a few short weeks ago, this conversation would have gone much differently. It would have turned into "The President Bush Blue Cheese Saga" in the middle of the store and anyone within ear shot would have chimed in.
He was a gentleman opponent. Called me "clever" and even got my Japanese produce guy to crach a smile.
Like any good "uneducated" American (yes, I'm educated, just not up on the details of current events), I came home and Googled French cheese import tax.
There it was.
Seems France doesn't want our hormone injected beef or our bleach cleaned chickens, so they banned them.
O' but why not? Do they not sound yummy.
So we retaliate with a blue cheese tax.
Come to find out, it was Bush, but the French man was nice enough not to mention that in the middle of the store.
I bet old George didn't want Velveeta to have any competition.


Becky said...

Why don't they have their own blue cheese? They want all their own stuff, why not make their own blue? I guess it is because our's tastes BETTER!!

Peggy Rice said...

Silly girl. They make the blue cheese. We are charging them a 300% import tax on bringing it into the USA:-). Maybe I was not clear.

Carol said...

Wow...I did not know that...I would love to have their chickens too....sticker and all.

Let us hope and pray that the next few years bring some real change...

Love ya kiddo...I am glad you are feeling better.


Becky said...

I get it. Duh. It was the virus...

Jon said...

For the most part I dont think I like blue cheese. Unless its on a "Chipotle Burger" at Chili's. However, recently I discovered that Chili's discontinued that burger. The only other dish I've seen it on is a spinach salad... and I dont like spinach salads, because they typically come with sweet dressing, nuts and blue cheese. Eww, and the worst kind of nut, walnuts..... Nope, Im pretty sure I dont like blue cheese.

Jon said...
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Jon said...

Wow. I saw the video clip you attached. That tax was just introduced.

Hey blue cheese sheep farmer... when did Hitler's mustache come back in style?


Peggy Rice said...

I love ya brother, in fact you are a bit "nutty".
Why does Chili's take good things away? Bring back Shanghi Chicken wings!!!!

Kimberly Gaye said...

I did not no about the 300% import tax on French blue cheese, it's ok with me, because an American company in Wisconsin makes some really good blue cheese & gorgonzola (black river) better than some French blue cheese that I have had. I Love My Cheese on a arugula salad with walnuts. Jon you really should expand your menu.