Best Neighbor Ever

Neighbors can be good or bad.
Thankfully, Brandon and I have been lucky ever since we have lived together, yes even when we lived in sin, we had great neighbors!
Brian and Julie, in Arlington were first class, well maybe we were all bit white trash, but who was counting seeing as the new neighbors put a BBQ pit in the FRONT yard.
We could sit outside under the trees, have a few drinks and walk home. Not only did we have drinks, but we had entertainment as well, Brian was always shirtless. We are not sure why he was always shirtless, seeing as he spent most of the time trying to cover up his nipples, but we loved him anyways. Also, I'm pretty sure he was not moonlighting for Thunder From Down Under, again the details made him more lovable.
However, my new neighbors are proving to be just as colorful.
Not only does her husband sport tight underwear proudly in public, we are drawn to people that wear few clothes for some reason, but they serve me drinks in the afternoon as well. What could be better than that?
Today, if my French serves me correctly, she told me I work hard with the kids.
She might not have said that, but I will never know, seeing as my translator is 5.
Tonight she served Vodka. Straight. Nothing else.
Good night.

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Sari said...

I think I like your neighbor too, sans the undies. Next time he makes you a drink just say "a ta sante" - cheers!