No, I'm not giving away $50,000, but keep reading anyway.

After a few glasses of wine last night, Tricia's fault, Brandon proposed a question.

"If I gave you $50,000 and told you, you must spend it in one weekend, what would you do?"

I of course said I needed to research first, to see the best possibilities and get the best deal.

He said, "NO. Just tell me what you would want to do."

I thought for a minute and decided upon a plan of action.

I would fly in a family member to watch the children. Then Brandon and I would board a plane and head off to a sunny beach. We would eat fabulous food, drink cocktails poolside, rest and swim. We would have spa days everyday, maybe a few times a day and then go shopping. We would buy art work, paintings and sculpture, to remember our trip. Then once we were completely rested we would head back home.

Brandon said, but you have to spend it all in one weekend and that trip wouldn't do it.

He under estimates MY choice in hotels and my super natural talent of picking the most expensive piece of art in every place that I enter.

What would you do with $50,000?


Carol said...

I would hope on a plane to Paris to visit one of my favorite people and stay at....the Ritz or Meurice (is it still around...that was Hemingways place to stay) and hit the galleries and vintage clothing stores...sorry Brandon but $50,000.
aint what it used to be!

Love ya,


Grandmama said...

Can you say "BMW 750i Sedan"?? Of course, the $50K is only the down payment! You need to write a book...

Love you, deb

Peggy Rice said...

I love you ladies! One day when I write a book, I will need both of you to edit!

Carol said...

By the by....this weekend is the auction of the collections of Yves Saint Laurent and his partner....Picasso's, Henri Moore etc. and an amazing collection of original Art Deco Furniture....$50,000.00...zut alors...c'est n'est pas rein!!!


patty said...

50,000 bucks

Two round trip, first class tickets to the Antarctica where I would be picked up by a helicopter to heli-board with Phil. 50 grand, DONE! ....oooh, and don't forget the new kit and Swarovski crystal goggles! Girls gotta look good while falling down a snow covered mountain!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...
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Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Down payment on real house. Nuff said