Jaylee's school is doing a month long study on the different countries represented in her classroom. She has learned (as well as myself) about Croatia, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, and Great Britain just to name a few.

Yesterday on the way home from school Jaylee asked me if Texas had a Queen. I love it!

So I represented Texas/USA today. Does any other state count? Just kidding.

We decorated cowboy vests that I made out of paper bags, made trail mix and read some stories.It was amazing to see how much a class of 5/6 year old children know! When I said the word Sheriff, a little boy spelled it by phonics. Impressive.
When I explained that Texas/USA doesn't have a Queen and we have a President they all knew Barack Obama. Lilly from New York informed me that he ran against John McCain.

Here is confession time.

I never thought to talk to Jaylee about the election. She had no idea what they were talking about. However, she was with me when I mailed in the ballot from the Airport in Italy. Again, I didn't think to talk about it, seeing as I was struggling between Spanish, French and English trying to get the thing mailed out. Pppppp.

Back on track now.

It was fun and I am so thankful that I now get to go and do things like this! Just to be a there for a small part of her day was great.

I love that we are able to give the kids this experience in their lives where they see and experience all that the world has to offer. But, it is a double edge sword, because I wish she could know the comfort of a small town and the close relationships that can grow in such a place. If you go to Campbell's House you can see what I'm talking about (Along with some unbelievably funny pictures of myself...I have no words for my choices or lack of taste). Renee what an unbelievably sweet thing to do!

I Believe in country mice!!!


Carol said...

We could not be better represented!

Love ya girl!


patty said...

Dear Lord I nearly pissed myself laughing looking at those 80's photos that "Campbell House" posted of you!

Grita said...

Yes, I think Texas does have a queen...her name is Renee...but she was self appointed. haha I love reading your blog...hang in there... and keep representing Texas for us.