Jaylee loves a good play date and this one was with two of her favorite people. Her new friend Sam from school and her buddy Matis. I am always inspired by the preschool blog on my list of links. I think she comes up with great ideas, so I thought I would give it a go myself today.

My french tutor told me about a craft store last week, so I headed out for some supplies. Ladies, if you have a Hobby Lobby near you, take advantage of it! You will never find selection and prices like that anywhere else in the world. So, with supplies on hand let the play date begin!!!!

Sabina and I didn't worry about the mess we just sat back and watched the fun. However, I never truly take in account the kind of mess that Aidan can cook up. That water on the ground, yep, that is Aidan's handy work.No worries, the fun continued and the art got even better.This was a great way to get some creative energy out. Do you ever have those days when your kids are just all over each other and you? Well, we had one of those today starting at daybreak. So this was a much needed release. However, the melt downs were not done for the day. During one of Aidan's moments (and trust me, Jaylee had a few today as well), this little guy and Jaylee had a few words of wisdom for me.While "trying" to get Aidan under control Jaylee offers this:

"you should speak to him in French".

Matis had this to offer up:

"you should yell".

If you think about it, the advice is actually the same.

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