Modern critics

When fall arrives in Paris and the temperatures begin to drop, especially in our apartment, you bundle up and head out to a museum. Especially on the first Sunday of every month, due to the fact that many museums in Paris are free!

Centere Pompidou here we come.

We look like we are ready for an Arctic blast, however, when we got outside it was warmer out there than in our apartment!

We me up with Matis and his family and as usual we had fun and always a new "Parisian" experience to be had. Sabina's husband is from France. Therefore he knows all the ins and outs of Paris living. For example the metro.

The metro was VERY full. The normal Peggy would have explained to the kids that we will just wait on the next one. Not this time. Alain took charge of that stroller like I have never seen. He pushed it right in, moved people out the way, ones who were previously sitting were now standing. It was very liberating. When I told him I could never do this he says, "Why, what would you have done? Waited for another train?" Sadly, yes I would have. However, I was very inspired. So inspired, that we took the bus to school this morning.

Next lesson, "lines for waiting are always optional".

We walk up to the Pompidou Centere and the line is extremely long. Alain, not bothered by this at all says, "Sabina, pull out the tummy (she is pregnant) and Peggy get Aidan in the front with the stroller." This guy is fabulous! We walk very assertively past all those in line and enter with ease, directly through the priority entrance.

I swear I am keeping Aidan in the stroller until he is six.

Once inside the kids had plenty to see.

Suffice to say I, think those bananas are a symbol for something else.

The next one Aidan couldn't be bothered with, seeing as there was something on his pacifier.This one was pretty neat. It is an airplane stuck with tiny scissors of every sort.I wish I could tell you why, but I have no idea. While taking this picture, Aidan was intent on showing the rest of Paris, not just Dr. Tan, my pastey white bottom by pulling very aggressively on my jeans. This little number, useless (it's pretend), just like the one in our apartment.
The new art critics. At one point you could hear Matis say, "that one's not very nice".However, this lady outside, got two thumbs up!

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