New man in town

Fall in Paris. I really do love it. However, it brings new challenges. These pictures where taken on our walk home from the library. See this little contraption.
This protects kids from rain and wind while growing up Paris style. The best part, it's not even mine. That is Jaylee and her friend Matis doubled up during a little shower. Note to self, must get one of these.
The shower passed and the fun began. No Jaylee is not about to attack him, but it does look that way. They are pretending they are swords and having a blast.
The sword just transformed into a rake. It is amazing what kids will come up with when given the opportunity to run free in the park. I must say this place is pretty amazing in Fall. Talk to me again in a month when we are in the middle of winter, but for now I will take what I can get.
A great walk with her buddy. Actually, she has made her relationship "official". In the beginning Erynn would ask her if Matis was her boyfriend and she would respond, "No, I'm sticking with Logy." Well, Matis's Franco/American/German charm has won her over. He is the official new boyfriend. Now she has a boyfriend and the only pressing question on her mind is when she can go by herself...I think we are in trouble.
As for this sweet boy, well, his news isn't so fun, but he does approve of Jaylee's pick.
Anyways, this little guy is scheduled for surgery October 16th. After three different Dr's consultations they all agree. Sir Aidan has a malformation of the intestines and they are going to fix it. Long story short, it happened in utero, and the intestines grow a "branch" and push out of the skin on the bottom. It is very painful, and yes his mood has reflected it, so we are going to get the little guy some relief.
The surgeon is very nice and was super informative. We are not going to be having the surgery at the American Hospital (for the ease of language), but at a small private hospital with individuals that specialize in Pediatrics. The Dr. assigned us a "host" that speaks perfect English and will be with us every step of the way. The surgery is a day surgery and Aidan will unbelievably, be released the same day. Brandon is taking vacation that week and Grandpa Justin (90 years young!) is coming for a visit, so we will be well taken care. Thank you Jesus!
So that's the Rice Daily News. Not, a great birthday present for my little man (October 21), but we will throw a little party complete with way too much sugar and lots of hugs to make amends.

Life with Jaylee:

I was giving my friend directions over the phone and repeatedly told her to get on the bus at "Desaix".
On the way to the library Jaylee looks at me and says, "Desaix, sounds like Sex In The City." Not wanting to show much concern, because truly I have no desire to explain what "sex" really is, I simply say yes. Then her little brain does a few more turns and I hear, "Mom, sex and Desaix rhyme." Yes, honey, yes they do.

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bob said...

Our thoughts and prayers will be with Aidan on the 16th. What a bummer! Mimaw and Pipaw send to all their love.