Paris Nights

Down the street, a block from the house, Brandon and I sat down to have a drink this evening. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not turning into a pill popping, drinking expat, just one cocktail. Okay, two cocktails with my husband after putting the kids to bed. Trust me, if you had the ordeal of putting our kids to bed, Aidan the screamer and Jaylee the procrastinator, you would have a night cap as well.

It is always, so fun to see who you might run into on any given evening. This evening we met two pilots who wanted a more "residential feel" to Paris. Well, they found it right next to the Americans living in Paris. We had some interesting conversation and then the official American question, "what do you do for a living in Paris."
So once we say, "bottled water", the inevitable comes up. The Green talk. Everyone is Green and the easiest target is bottled water. Do you know what the number one selling beverage in the USA is? Beer. I don't see people talking about that. So even with my two glasses of wine I keep my mouth pretty tight. However, I do mention the beer fact, to which they are surprised. And even tempered Brandon does an expectational job at explaining that bottled water is not just bottled tap water. Also, that the "flimsy plastic bottles" are very much recyclable. Had the question been directed towards me I would have been much more emotional and confrontational. Thank God for smart husbands. Did I mention they were pilots? Do you think they drink tap water from the plane? Yum...tasty urine and feces. No. They drink bottled water. Anyways, the smart husband that I have asks them the perfect question to change the subject:

"So what's the scariest moment that you guys have had in flight?"

Which of course, they say, "None, runways don't move. We were both Air Force pilots, nothing really compares to that." However, they did have some good stories of drunks and people passing out. I'm glad no names were exchanged...they could have been speaking of family... So we wished them well and off they went.

As we sat there, I see two familiar back sides walking down the street. Low and behold, it was our expat friends Katy and her son Jonathan. Walking very fast past the bar that she and I might have had one too many cocktails at. She was hiding from John Pierre...the nicest non-English speaking waiter that I have ever met. Come back Katy!!!!

So, that's it, life in Paris. The kids are great enjoying their summer...

We don't know why it is blue. There are many intellectual Paris family blogs out there in cyberspace that probably know. You are not at one of them.

Bonne Nuit


~=Jonathan said...

Hello! This is Jonathan and yeah so just clear up the Eiffel Tower's being blue. So a few days ago maybe yesterday or something France became the President of the European Union. So to celebrate that... they made the Eiffel Tower into the European Union flag. Blue for the background, the circle of stars on the front for the... stars... so yeah just wanted to tell ya!

meg duerksen said...

you are funny.
a cocktail (or two) sounds really good right now.
(it's 12:06 in the afternoon)
i would get confrontaional too.
why is that?
and my husband would not.

i have to say...you look so familiar?
do i look familiar to you? :)
strange question i know.

what a cool time in your life.
living in paris with your 2 little kids...sitting topless in a waiting room...riding hot air balloons.
very exciting.

have a great day today.
(how could you not...you live in PARIS?!)