We're back!!! We made a family vacation out of a Wedding Trip to Deventer, Netherlands. Brandon's boss got married this weekend, so we packed the car and headed out. This trip was amazing and far to much to say at 12:26am, but I had to show you some pictures before going to bed. I promise to add more in the morning.
We drove from Paris through Belgium and then into the Netherlands. I had never given much thought to the Netherlands, but let me just say, that it is amazing! So beautiful. We passed strawberry fields, corn fields, cabbage fields, dairy farms, the list goes on. I'm not sure if it's because we now live in a concrete jungle, but our senses were alive the whole drive. Picture perfect. Except that I hate pictures from a car window, so just take my word for it. I never knew I wanted to go to the Netherlands, but now I can't wait to go back.
The people. Unbelievably nice and they actually smiled. Full teeth smiles. A rarity in the past two months. The food was great as well. I ordered a cappuccino and it was amazing. I even ordered it after 2:oo in the afternoon and no frown from the waitress. Coffee with cream or milk in the afternoon is a no, no in Paris. Very low class. Guilty. Also, there was a dessert case with pies gleaming from behind the glass and when Erynn opened the door without asking Brandon and I both started yelling No!!!! Knowing that a swift blow to the head would be coming from the waitress. Another no, no, don't touch in Paris. No physical violence of any sort, however she did think we were a bit dramatic, but just handed Erynn a fork with a smile. I am telling you, I could live here.
So, the hotel was lovely, the people were lovely and we had a great time. Jaylee said the place was magical. So, even though it cost more than our wedding we think it was worth it. Brandon said that people in the Netherlands love to camp and that we should start camping. To which I replied I prefer hoteling.

I will finish up the trip in the morning.
Bonne Nuit,

Life with Jaylee,

While driving today from the back seat Jaylee says, "You are doing much better mom."
Thanks to the four year old back seat driver!!!

Before leaving the hotel I take Jaylee to the restroom and start to close the door behind me to assist her in the bathroom...
"You can leave now, I don't need you."
"Shut the door."
What? What just happened here? You know that you have taught them so that one day they could actually get to this point, but when they can actually do the task at hand, it sure does sting. So I patiently wait and out she comes. I watch her wash and dry her hands and she simply says,
"Okay, let's go."
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Becky said...

Switerzerland is beautiful, too. You will love it there. Let me know when you make it to Germany. You all look wonderful and you are just getting out there and doing everything I was too scared to do!

Michelle said...

Peggy, I am telling you, I would lose my mind if my kids were getting car sick EVERY time we got in the car!!! I'm glad you seem to take it all in stride!