Tummy Flu Strikes...Dad takes over

Well, mommy got sick and Dad took over! For the first time Thursday night I left the house without a stroller or child in hand. Fabulous. I went to dinner with a friend from the park and I felt a "rumble" in my tummy, but no worries, I continued on. Just to be reminded later on that night, that I should have listened to the tummy.

Brandon's day in the hot seat! A few times from the living room I hear, "you've got to be kidding me?", Aidan, Aidan, Aidan..."your mother has the patience of Job". Later I hear, "you can't possibly still be hungry?" They can. "Jaylee you just ate two hot dogs...daddy I want chocolate". She gets it. These kids can eat you out of house and home...make that 500 sq. ft. We can't figure out if it's the walking or if they are just not eating all the junk anymore. However, we look at it, one thing is the same. Jaylee can eat as much as a grown man...and still stays skinny as a stick. Lucky. Later that afternoon he took them to the park and got to experience Aidan in the "sand box". The child has no fear. Brandon, aka Pretty, has redeemed himself. He was patient and even cooked three meals and about 20 snacks. Job well done.

The sad part of the day was that it was actually sunny in Paris for the first time since we've been here and Brandon was on holiday. Thursday was France's Labor Day and Friday they call "making the bridge". That is short for no one is working for one day and then taking off Saturday and Sunday. So, Thursday before the tummy hit, we spent a great day out at the parks and walking around. Everywhere you turned people (homeless, drunks, you name it) were selling Lilly of the Valley flowers out of old vans, street corners, blankets, wherever they could lay them. I love flowers, but if you have ever watched Sex and The City, it felt almost like buying a Luis Vuitton out of the trunk of a car. Dirty. So, we passed. When we got home I googled it to figure out why the flowers? I found out that Labor Day is the only day they can sell them without paying French Taxes. Viola. Still felt dirty. Sorry, I don't know why.

We had a fun weekend once I got over the tummy, but I will have to blog it later. It is late and Brandon has to be up early for a trip and the kids and I are off to a look at a new school...by ourselves on the bus. I will catch up during nap time tomorrow.

Bonne nuit.


Jeremy said...

Peg's Glorified Ham n Eggs - not for nothing...

Love the blog, but it's driving me crazy.

We miss you guys. I shot you a note; looks like I may be coming over, but not sure if I can make it through Paris. I will bring tons of sandbox toys...


Peggy Rice said...

Hey the disclaimer is that I am the queen of run on and fragment sentences! I am also the queen of incorrect use of punctuation and did I mention I can't spell. Your mom is supposed to be editing. I need to give her the password to this site. Miss you guys. I didn't get a note from you and I checked spam. Send it to peggyrice@gmail.com Take care and talk to you soon.

Jeremy said...

I wouldn't have said a word... but you use it once per paragraph and it was wearing me down.

I resent the email.

This weekend we went to IKEA and found a full set of sandbox toys for like $3. I will pick up a few sets if I come over.

Peggy Rice said...

You are a good man!!