Brandon's morning commute

They say Japan, Brandon says Paris, France. The Metro was down yesterday, so they brought in buses. Brandon decided a nice walk in the rain would be just fine.
Sorry I put the wrong link earlier...it has now been fixed. Viola.


Stephanie said...

Peggy you are hilarious! This is just like I am reading Bridget Jones' Diary. I am so glad that you are sharing all of your daily experiences with us, I could never be as brave!! I love you and wish you all the best and kiss your babies for me!! Tell Pretty, that I am cracking up about your description of his "hard day at work!" Keep in touch!
Love, Stef

patty said...

How in the world do you find videos like that. It was very interesting that not one Chinese person was screaming...instead waiting patiently to be tucked into the train. Nuts!!!!

Brandon needs to take some pics on his walk (or ride) to work. Would love to see the French not smiling....such a surprise!

Loved the pics from the trip to see Patty H. Tell her she owes me pics from when she was here in Vegas. I think Dino got some.

Left you a message on your home #. Don't know if you have Vonage hooked up yet. Greg says that he got a "Talk Tomato" international card when in Australia. Half a cent a minute to call the U.S. They may have them in Paris. May help you save $ for those pricey plastic toys. Love to all. Miss Jaylee and Aiden look great. Need to see more pics of you!!!!

Patty G.