The Move-Paris Style

Okay, the big day arrived and thank heavens it is over.
That day just might go down as my most frustrating to date.
Sadly, it had nothing to do with the move. It was a transportation nightmare. Let's face it I am geographically challenged...along with many others...trust me I will go into that at a later date. But, let's just say that giving up your car and taking the buses and metro sounds like a good idea, but sometimes it is just a plain Paris style ass kicking.

Get comfortable, grab yourself a beverage of your choice, because this will be a long one...Lot's to say and two kids are fast asleep and Hubby is out of the country.

First off I generally would have just taken the bus that I know. But, no, Brandon says the metro is faster. So, I head to the metro with my pre-purchased tickets...a token of affection...from Brandon. You know, omit a step, to make my life a bit easier. They don't work. No ticket counter to buy another. No machine to purchase another. So I head back up the stairs.

Second Metro station. No ticket counter, no person. Now, it is raining.

Third, Metro station. This one under construction. You guessed it, no ticket counter, but wait...there is a machine. No go, it does not work.

Forth, Metro station. Still raining. Must I even say?

I ascend, wet and angry. I see a cab. The driver is playing the guitar...not acoustic.

I get in, give him my address and we are off. Listening to Iron Maiden.

So, I arrive calm down and Brandon fills me in on the Logistics of a Paris move that goes a little something like this...

So, they got everything in the apartment. Our one wish when moving, "not the couch". My new leather couch. Not as bad as it could be.

So, Brandon and I start unpacking a few boxes and make the kids room a priority. I decided to do it first, because they need a place to play while we work...scratch that...while I work. Brandon, likes to busy himself with electronics. Makes him look busy and cerebral.

On that note. Movers arrived Monday. Tuesday afternoon Brandon leaves out of town till Friday.

But wait, must first rent a car to finish the little stuff. He wanted to just make little trips back and forth on the bus. You know, save a little cash. So, I sit and do nothing... I let him do the first of one of his many little trips. On his return he decides it is probably best if we rent a car. It is always much better when it is "their" idea. So, he finishes up the loads and once inside the new apartment settles comfortably on the couch in front of wires and paper work...looking very cerebral. "Peg, I need to get this finished before I leave." O' now is a good time to mention that he had to go buy a new TV...since we had the car. A must before every business trip. O yes, and that cerebral action left me with no working TV and an apartment that looked like this...

So, I hired myself a husband. Only in the form of a little lady. She was a fabulous husband for two days. She never asked "why". She never said "wait a minute"or "no" or "no" did I mention she did not say "NO". She said, "Okay, Madame, what you like next?" Ahh...sweet husband. So, tomorrow I will post pictures of our work.

In the meantime I will close with two great shots.

The first is "my" stroller. Everyone in France has a rolling cart. Think about it, no Tahoe or Suburban to haul back your loot from the store. So, they use these crafty little carts, that I have grown to really envy. Until now, I have used the stroller handles and my child labor in the form of Jaylee. But today, I am officially French. With just a bit of flare...all carts are generally black. Hey, I'm from Texas, and I'm not fooling anyone with my command of the French language...

Lastly, Jaylee had just finished up her afternoon snack of chocolate pudding and I asked her to put her spoon away. Later, this is what I find.


Haylie33 said...

Hello Peggy! I've heard many things about you from my mom and sisters! You have a beautiful family and I think it's really cool that you live in Paris! I would love to visit!!

Brenna said...

Even with all the boxes and mess, the apartment looks wonderful! Sorry it was so rough, wish I could've helped.

I'm pretty sure the final product is amazing.

Cheers to the new RueRice!

Carol said...

Good for you on hiring a "husband"...as Voltaire once said..."the bonds of matrimony are so heavy it takes two...and sometimes three, to carry them!"

The apartment in Paris looks amazing. Of course the one thing you really love gets dinged...but at least you have a story.

Love to you all,