Check ups

When this guy needs a check up,
we have to drive through here:
Twelve lanes of traffic and no rules will wake you up better than any cup of coffee.
If Pretty is driving I rely on these:
I also call upon those angels to keep my cool when I'm at the American Hospital from time to time.
Know what the Hospital does not have in the bathrooms?
Changing tables.
Only in the pediatric offices.
If you venture to another wing, say to visit a OB/GYN, who delivers babies, you indeed will find no changing tables in the bathroom.
The cleaning man watches me as I enter the bathroom with Nolan.  He watches me come back out.  I ask him where the nearest bathroom with changing tables can be found.  In French he let's me know there are none.
So he takes me to the doctor's office next to the bathroom who then informs me it is forbidden to change babies in the waiting room, for security reasons.  WTF?  Will it spoil one of the designer handbags that are plentiful in there?  I have purse envy every time I'm there and I have a great purse!  If I weren't a chicken I would take pictures.  So, thankfully the good doctor let me change him on her exam table.  Only in France, do you find a hospital with no changing tables in the bathroom!!
By the way, WTF in Paris means Welcome To France.  I don't know who made it up, but it is perfect for just about everyday use!

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