Sunday Randomness

1. For some reason when I look at the computer lately it makes me very sleepy.
2. I just found out yesterday it was Mother's Day today. Do you know what that means? It means I suck as a daughter and my Mother will get no Mother's Day present today. Must fix this ASAP! Sorry Mom, the French celebrate Mother's Day on another day and I have seen no advertisements on a daily basis to remind me!
3. I must pick and order new flooring for the new house tomorrow. Move date is getting close!
4. I saw an old couple on the metro yesterday and the old woman blew her nose and showed the tissue to her husband. I NEVER want to be that woman.
5. Bus 42 makes me really, very strongly dislike the elderly female population of Paris. If you tell my children to shhhh, I will call you a "grumpy, fat old lady" to the side of your face, because you have no backbone to look me in the eye, and I will not feel bad about it. A tip to the fat old lady: If you don't like children who talk at a normal level, do not ride the bus on a Wednesday. After all it is your country and you made the no school on Wednesday rule, not me.
6. I am ready to try a few things from this site.
7. I fall asleep sitting up at night on the couch. I'm officially old.


Kerrie said...

Happy Mothers day Peg, and to Mary too. I miss you

Mary said...

The Sunday morning phone call was a great Mother's Day present!!!
Love ya