Easter in the trees

Open air and trees makes me a happy woman. Yes, I'm highly allergic to all of it, but I don't care. As soon as I see trees I'm happy, I'm certain this is a side effect of city dwelling.
Sleeping in the trees, well that sounded even better to the whole family.
Headed to our treehouse.
Welcome inside. You should have heard the kids reaction. Worth every cent!
PhotobucketIt came complete with a seche toilet. That is a dry toilet, with a sack and a bucket of sawdust. Genius. Not smelly at all. Trust me, one of these kids poops a lot, like three times, no smell, none, nada. Bag, paper, and human goods, all turn into compost in six months time. We should ban port o potty's, the stinkiest invention ever made if you ask me and I'm not buying that they dispose of the "crap" properly anyways. Two thumbs up for the seche toilet.
View of the property from the porch. This land complete with chateau has been in the family for 600 years.
They grow rapeseed, which is then turned into Canola Oil or if you are in France you know it at Colza.
If all this view is not enough they will send up cold beer for the hubby.
Breakfast is served too.
Complete with a little chick.
They also got to feed real chicks, bunnies and ducks, thanks to our hosts.
Yes, the Easter Bunny does visit a tree house.
Of course there was a egg hunt and we successfully introduced Cascarones.
If you are ever in France you must visit La Grande Noe. Best family time ever.


Mary said...

Swiss Family Rice - an another awesome adventure!
This place looks like sooooooooo much fun & very relaxing.
Happy Easter

Carol Wexell Wayne said...

How cool is that!

Love ya's


Peggy Rice said...

Thanks ladies, it was so much fun!!

Sara said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad you had a Happy Easter. Hugs!

Kim said...

That is really really cool!!