Spectacle #3

Jaylee did ballet spectacle #3 last night. I'm not going to say she LOVED it, but she certainly didn't hate it. She got to lead her group on to the stage so that made her bossy little self very happy.
She had no want for pictures at all, but she let me take a few before she went in.
No teeth smiles, because that of course would show "happiness".
Their was a hint of a smile on stage.
After the show in the car on the way home I took a few more, to which she responded,
"seriously, mom, in the car too?".
Deep down I tell myself she will thank me one day.
At our church in Texas once there was a sermon on finding what makes your child "tick", I'm not going to say ballet is it, but she has not said an absolute NO for next year.
I'll take what I can get.


Mary said...

WOW - she is beautiful!!! Took my breath away, can't believe how fast she is growing.
Love, love, love the pics.

Carol Wexell Wayne said...

She is soooo beautiful!!!!! She looks so tall and grown up....I sure miss you all so much.

Love and hugs and kisses all around,


Peggy Rice said...

Thanks ladies! I still can't believe she was 4 when we moved here! Crazy how time flies.

Kerrie said...

Jaylee is still american, the seriously gave it away. She is to pretty for words and looks like the perfect little ballerina.

jaclyn said...

Gorgeous! What a little beauty. (legs!) Great photos.

patty said...

Great shots of Jaylee Peg! She is growing into a beautiful little lady!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

When you're that beautiful, you don't have to show teeth!!