I have a reputation

Thursdays are my afternoon with Jaylee by myself. She has a lot to say and many questions to ask.

Walking down the street:
"Can I say sucker?"
Well, how are you going to use it in the sentence?
Well, do you know what it means?
"Yeah, like when I want a sucker."
Ahhhh, so I explain that you would say it if you fooled one of your friends and they believed you, then you would call them a sucker.
"Oh, yeah, can I do that!?"
As I continue and start to dive into the conversation about how Pink might not be the best music for her to listen to at this age she interrupts:
"Can we change this CONGREGATION?"
Excuse me?
"I want to talk about something more fun."
Well, then the word would be CONVERSATION.
She may also have my problem of saying directly what's on her mind:
A new little girl walked into ballet tonight and as soon as Jaylee sees her she says,
"uh, that new girl is MEAN, there is NOTHING nice about HER!"
Walking home after ballet she says:
"I have a bad REPUTATION on Saturday."
"You are making me do the Spectacle (French for show) and now I have a REPUTATION!"
She is trying to say practice, but the word in French is REPETITION.
I explain the difference, she doesn't seem to see what the big deal is.


patty said...

I love your posts. Jaylee is my girl. She's fabulous.

Peggy Rice said...

I just watched the video of you and her singing together in Cham, so fun!!! Can't wait to see you in June.