If walls could talk

We've been inside for a few days.
Jaylee had a cold that got immediately followed up by a case of "gastro", which is French for diarrhea stomach bug.
Which I must say, I like it much better than what I used it call it, "the trots".
Ah, the French are Chic.
Since I'm a lazy mom and didn't feel like fighting the metro with a "gastro" kid in tow, Aidan got to stay home as well.
Let's just say we have had a LOT of together time and I pretty sure itunes wants to know if we every stop watching movies.

She was angry at her brother and I.
Since they were not fighting I cleaned out my closet.
This gave her plenty of time to grow her list.



Carol said...

I hope everyone is better????

I have spent the last 3days on the couch with a bad cold...I may just go for a walk...the weather has been amazin...warm and sunny..winter is expected back soon though.

Have a good week...Brandon is not going to Egypt??? Right???

Love Love Love,


Peggy Rice said...

Everyone is better and I'm crossing my fingers Aidan and I stay well. It is unbelievably COLD here, so I'm envious of your sun! Thankfully, Egypt was last year and it's not on the schedule anytime soon;)

Mary said...

Hope "gastro" has stopped and all is well.
The posted notices are funny!!!
Hope you can get out the house soon before cabin fever gets any worse.

Kerrie said...

I Love life in a post it! You are so flippin' screwed!!!!