When you're four

When you're four new pajamas are awesome.
So awesome that taking them off before putting on your clothes before school seems like a ridiculous idea. Wearing pajamas under your clothes means that as soon as you come home from school, you just strip at the door and WHAM you are back in pajamas!
When you're four and you get the fancy to be Buzz Lightyear and a ballerina at the same time, this just seems like good sense.
When Friday means movie night, popcorn and cocoa at your house you are also the first dressed for the couch because you have had your pajamas on for a solid four days.
Aunt Kerrie, your care packages Rock!!
Now could you just call and tell him to let me wash them?
*ps, we are watching The Santa Clause, Jaylee is just a nervous because Santa fell off the roof!


Kerrie said...

You have officially made my day I want you to know. I can't wait to see my niece and nephew and I will give a "buzz" tomorrow. Love you

patty said...

I love that post!

Grace said...

Lovely post!!! Aidan is so cute in his new "outfit"! hahaha ;)

Mary said...

to infinity and beyond!!!
Hopefully Santa bounced when he fell. This post is soooooo cute.