Slow pace

The internet connection in the mountains is less than super hero fast.
You have no idea how long it took to upload and edit these two photos.
Back to my daily laziness of dress up, Leapster, drawing, watching my daughter turn Aidan into the best dressed tranny you have ever seen and cocktails.

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Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Rue Rice!!! I just caught up on your blog, mine is probably a lost cause for this year. Will try and get my groove back in 2011. Christian says hello, and Caroline is STILL whining that she's never been to Paris. I feel so sorry for her, don't you? Jaylee is so beautiful and mature in her thinking, and Aiden is becoming a big boy that is just too cute for words!!! Hope that we get to see each other again in the next couple of years. Cheers!!