Just one pen?

I am in heavy preparation for Aidan's birthday, so there are no great photos. It's not even a big party, because he flips out and hold's on very tightly to my leg at every party, therefore not allowing me to slip out and go enjoy Paris for a bit. However, when his father goes with him, he seems to be fine. Either way, it's not big, but I want it to be good for him, therefore I'm knee deep in www.marthastewart.com these days and well, that's only fun if your in to that sort of thing.
Back to the post.
Tonight as Brandon was reading the kids a story, a Bible story no less (I swear my Grandmother is haunting us from the grave via Jaylee for not going to church), I hear this:
Jaylee: Well, when I go to heaven I'm taking a pen.
Brandon: No, you can't take pens, it's just your soul that goes and you leave everything else here.
Silence for a minute.
Jaylee: What if I'm holding the pen when I die?

This child's love affair with office supplies runs deep.


Carol said...

I love Jaylee...and you tell her she can always try!

Campbell's House said...

I also love office supplies. And, I think having a pen in heaven could come in VERY handy.

Dear Jaylee, please save me a seat by you in heaven. You bring a pen, I'll bring some nice paper for us to write on.

Love you all!
Kiss the birthday boy for me.

Mary said...

Great idea Jaylee...I will take a Video Poker machine and red wine!!
We will have lots of fun.
Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the little man.

Peggy Rice said...

She is one of a kind! Renee, I will bring along some extra and maybe some of my "fancy" japanese tape;-) Mom, something tells me the video poker and wine might not make it past the gates;-)

Brandon said...

For the record no one is reserving any seats for anyone!