What is going on in this family?

"you haven't blogged in forever, how am I supposed to know what is going on in this family?"
So here is a little breakdown of what is going on in the Rice family.
Jaylee turned sixteen and got wings.
She has mastered swimming.
We got to see Nana.
We have decided that the next move in our lives will bring us closer to a river or lake, because we love it.
The kids have been inspired by all the nature as well. When I asked Jaylee to button her outfit she said, "No, I want to look like Jesus."


Campbell's House said...

Don't look now, but I think Jaylee's hippy roots are showing. She would fit in quite nicely here in ATX! And you know... Austin has great lakes AND the river is just down the road!

Jeremy said...

I don't recall any stories of Jesus carrying a mega-rita around.

Lis said...

Love it! She's so bohemian ;)

Brandon said...

I have no idea what the rice family is doing!