The Wal-Mart

When jet-lag wakes you at 4:30am the first day and then 6:00am, the following days, you have some time on your hands. So here is a little insight into our journey to "The Wal-Mart".
*Please remember that we normally come to the States during Christmas time so the kids don't go to many stores with me, due to the fact that I'm shopping for them. And if I go out after Christmas they are home playing with family members.

Walking up to the store Jaylee reads aloud:
Low Prices
"Does that mean prices are low?"

After we walked a few isles Jaylee turns to me and says,"THANKS for bringing me to the United States!"

When they saw the end cap of nothing but Macaroni and Cheese, Jaylee loudly exclaims,
"PUSH OVER, I need to get in here!" Complete with hand jesters to clear everyone out of her way.
She didn't mind the taste, but her brother couldn't be bothered to finish it after two bites.

As for the Jell-O they brought home, she exclaimed:
"You can't even stick a finger in it!"She loved it and has now had Jell-O for breakfast.

When she saw the bulk isle of Mayo, Ketchup and Pickles:
"WHO eats that MUCH?"

The complete isle of backpacks:"BACKKKKPACkSSSSSS!" As she runs to them.
I believe we provided the entertainment for Wal-Mart.

Jaylee and Aidan are completely in amazement at their BEAUTIFUL clothes from Wal-Mart!
Aidan tried on every character tennis shoe in the store, which includes running down the isle to see which was the fastest.
This was the winner.At seven o'clock last night he finally took them off, only to put on his spanking new Tow-Matter PJ's.
By 8:15 he was out for the night.
Too much Wal-Mart fun.

Let's not forget the toy isle fun.
I told them they could each have a toy.
Jaylee picked up some sort of Barbie water slide and when I said yes to the said Barbie toy on SALE, no less, she grab my waist and says:
"I never knew I had that kind of good mom!"
This was followed by multiple hugs saying:
"I still can't believe it, I still can't believe it."
As for Aidan he was happy with his Play dough, but was even happier that he could push the cart down the wide open isles and then swing from the handle while it was still going down the isle.
I'm a good mom like that.


Jeremy said...

Hey - lesson learned from our last trip with the ladies... don't try to take playdoh on the plane because they'll take it away from you. In fact, TSA will probably wave it around in front of the kids before throwing it away in front of them.

Peggy Rice said...

Thank you sir, Brandon has had the same problem and I'm not that cool of a mom, because the play dough is staying at Grandpa's!

Sari said...

What an awesome experience for them! I love the innocence of a child. You forget the simplicity of life. Thanks for sharing.

Lis said...

It may be sad to say, seeing as I'm much older than the kids, but I have similar experiences at WalMart/Target, etc! Not only is it the low prices, but the option to get absolutely ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in one place. As for the mac & cheese and jello...well Mom's pretty good about sending them in care packages!

What a good Mom to show them this culturaly enriching American experience :)

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

OMG, they are so French now!! Two years is a long time in kid years, they forget what life was like when they lived here.