knowing the limits

Today was "field day".
The logistics of two kids, one to school the other to the stadium and one mom in Paris is tricky, I'll say that, but we did it.
This city pushes us to new limits all the time.
But somedays you have to know when not to push.
Today was one of those days.

Those are not her classmates, apparently in France they mix all the grades together, verses you spending the day with your class mates and teacher. I know our cultures are different and that's okay. I get that they were trying to make it even so that the older ones don't just crush the little ones. I get it. But, how about building trust amongst your class and feeling the comfort of having your own teacher cheer you on? I still remember coming in last place and Mrs. Ferguson, my third grade teacher, running along beside me the whole time cheering me on.
I've seen her around her class and teacher, she is fine, this was not fine.
When I see her tugging her hair, I know she is not happy, uncomfortable, trying to figure it all out.
But she pushed through and did it.
That ladies and gentlemen is the sac race with bifocals and no class mates cheering you on. Just other kids you don't really know watching you along with a teacher that is not your own standing silent.
Culture shock for a mom.
Then I see her sitting by herself, not eating while everyone else is eating, red flag number two.
I go to talk to her. She was brave and said all was fine twice, until that lower lip started quivering and the tears flowed and she said she wanted to throw up.
So, I tried to figure out what was wrong, pushed her a little, she even went back in and tried it again (then the tears came again) and then I decided enough was enough, she needed a break.
We left.
Sometimes you just need a little break, a little mom time, a snack and a nap and the whole world looks better again.

Happy Weekend.


Mary said...

Reading this brought tears and made me want to throw up too. She is an amazing child warrior. So brave!! Give her lots of love for me. And no more field day crap.

Carol said...

Sometimes the French can be real assholes...how stupid....I think you and our baby girl need some retail therapy! or at least ice cream therapy.....

Anonymous said...

Our school mixes the grades together for sports day (that's what we call it). But, it seems to be a completely different atmosphere than what you experienced. Each team has 6-8 members from across all grades. There are two leaders on each team from grades 6 and 7 who have been learning leaderships skills all year. They keep track of how their team is doing and collect their points. Points are awarded for who came in first, who showed the most team spirit (ie: cheering their team mates on), and which team showed the most leadership (ie: who helped the younger students).

Since they are awarded for these behaviours you see real team spirit and tons of cheering and helping.

Also each team is part of a larger "house" which practices cheers for a month before sports day, and creates costumes etc.

This doesn't sound at all like what your daughter experienced. What fun is sports day without cheering? How could they just stay silent? Good thing she had you to rescue her and make it better.

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Poor thing, we're cheering for you Jaylee. It's so tough to watch them struggle. Sounds like today is the day for ice cream and cocktails!