Full circle

These past two years have been all about doing things I don't normally do.
Move to Paris - check
Start a blog - check
Attempt another language - check
Acquire new uncontrollable face twitches - check, check
Email someone you've never met before and invite them to coffee - check
This is Marisa and Sean.
Marisa is the artist who painted my "Yes we Can" picture that I love.
I read on her blog she was moving to Paris for a month and I could not help but send her an email. Thankfully, she did not think I was crazy, and she responded back and Voila the next thing you know it's Wednesday morning and Aidan and I are having coffee with her and Sean. I told her how much I loved the painting and how it summed up my life in Paris perfectly and she said it is actually a self portrait of her. Kindred spirits I say.
Sean is an actor and teaches improve acting classes, but if you ask Aidan he is an artist as well, and here is some of his handy work.
It was love for Aidan the minute Sean drew the Peter Pan boat.
When I finally figured out who he reminded me of, he is super funny, I told Marisa and she said he had tried out for the part.
Dear Modern Family, you picked the wrong guy.
Would you like to know where we all met for a little morning coffee?
A little place call Laduree, where they stamp their name on silver pitchers and give the handle a little cozy love with the letter L.
I'm not sure which came first, Laduree or Tiffany, but they both do powder blue and silver very well. I say, they open next door to one another one day.
Here is your tip of the day:
If your pain chocolate does not leave this many crumbs on the plate, it's not worth eating.

It was a perfect morning. As I hugged them good bye I was overwhelmed with happiness. Happiness that everything works out just the way it should. Happy that we continue to test our boundaries and it brings new people into our lives. I can't explain the knot I had in my throat as we parted, but I know that it was a happy knot.
Cheers (said sadly without a cinco de mayo margarita)


Mary said...

Bravo far reaching out, you are quite impressive!!!
Small world him trying for the part and her painting something very parallel to you. PLUS,you meet in Paris - go figure.

Sean Hogan said...

It was great to meet both of you and share stories of feeling out of place in Paris. If you come to LA, please look us up and we can take YOU for coffee and croissants. We're leaving Paris soon. We're sad.

(Oh and thanks for the vote of confidence on the Modern Family thing.)

Peggy Rice said...

Sean, I'm sad you guys are leaving!!! I will take you up on the LA:)

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Peggy ~ I woke up this morning desperately craving a cafe creme from Laduree and another visit with you and Aidan. Loved meeting you so very much! Needless to say, Sean I were both glad that you reached out to say hello. I'm also so happy to know that my art is a little reminder for you every day that yes, You can!
with love from Los Angeles {we are back home now and already missing Paris} xoxo