cupcakes and whole lot of color

Number 2 with the frosting of number 26 and blueberries added to the batter as well.
Jaylee made a party out of it.
She called it a tea fete (tea party)
Peggy Rice Family
Come to my party at 1 o'clock with your family Aidan, Mama and Dad.

Yes, even her brother questions this outfit.
We did leave the house like this.


Jeremy said...

She could get a free meal at McDonald's in that gear.

Marit said...

We loved the outfit and especially the socks:-)
The cupcakes are wonderful! So was the lasagne: urray for American traditions!

Mary said...

I think her and cupcakes look delicious!!! She has quite a flare for fashion - BOLD!
Like it.
Have a great weekend.

Peggy Rice said...

Jeremy, this kid is "clowning" it up daily!
Marit, I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it. I enjoyed my time with Tiago as well:)
Mema, I don't think one will ever willing wear the color black:)

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peggy she has your style just not you skill. It will come with time