Love Deposit

As usual Brandon came home with goodies for the kids from New York.
But this time I got a really good "goodie" too.
When I opened it, I thought maybe I had been diagnosed with some sort of life ending condition that I didn't know about.
Because it is good, it's that good.
I love to take photos, I live in a city where with every turn you could take an amazing
Now I can.
I am now the proud new owner of not only one, but two lenses.
Who new that a gadget could make a girl so happy?
I have so much to learn that I have decided to breakdown my lessons into weekly projects.
First things first, reading the manuel.
Today I tried to figure out the aperture and ISO settings in the manuel mode.
Perhaps I'm going to need two weeks per lesson?

No need to worry about that ISO setting right now, due to the fact that my subject is pretty slow moving.
However, one thing is certain, when I do get to leave this house again I'm going to need a one more ESSENTIAL for this new Nikon.
Meet the epiphanie bag:

Now that is a camera bag! Yes, my dear husband bought me a bag as well, but come now, I am a girl and he just laughed when I said, I NEEDED this one.
He knows me well.
I'm feeling the red or aqua one. What do you think?


Mary said...

Both....never know what outfit to accent.

Carol said...

Aqua!!!!!!Lucky you...you needed a great camera..you take wonderful pictures.

Love ya and kuddos to Brandon!


Brandon said...

Mary you are on thin ice : )

Carol would you like to have an adopted son in law : )

gg said...

WOW!! now that's a great husband. i'm jealous that you have extra lenses.

you'll love that camera. we have the same one. i'm still learning how to use it. in fact, i'm taking a class next weekend. a photographer friend of mine just designed some camera bags. take a look. i think they're pretty cute.

Brandon said...

Grace!! Wrong answer! We only go down in price not up!!!

Carol said...


Consider yourself adopted!

Well done son!


Mary said...

Brandon - you're stuck with me, no 'doption clause for you ;)
What did you buy me, huh huh?