The burbs

We left the house!
We took two trains and a tram (that's just one direction).
That's two kids, one stroller, one tired mama and countless "how many more stops?"
We landed in the suburbs of Paris.
Looks like Amsterdam huh?
After we walked a while, Jaylee thought those bikes weren't such a bad idea and then she wanted to know where the bus was.
Not a lot happening out in the burbs.
No worries we didn't go for the shopping.
We went for this,

Sabina and crew have returned to France.
They live in the suburbs of Paris, where Aidan was happy to find a swing in their backyard.
Like the shoes on the wrong feet?
Miss Jaylee found a real baby to play with.
Then we walked back to the train, that took us to line 6 then a "quick" change to line 10 and then a walk home. All while Aidan slept. My biceps are now bigger and my hips will never be the same.


Campbell's House said...

I never hear the word Burb without thinking of Mary (sans the "Van")and the ol' white burb she'd let us tootle around in!
Ahhh good times :)

Peggy Rice said...

That made me smile!:)

Mary said...

Me too. Just don't tell me what ya'll were doing while tootl'n. There's some things Mom's don't want to know.
Can't wait to hear what your little darlings will do when they take the family car/burb/jet for a spin.