Funny Life

We have had two play dates two days in a row with the same kids and mom and I must say I am LOVING it!
Play dates with French mom's rock.
Not that my dear USA gals are not the best, but come on, Chick-fil-A does not serve wine or Osso Bucco.
Yes, she served Osso Bucco and when we arrived the kids ran off to play and she said, "let's have an apertif".
I found my new best friend.
Then yesterday I had her son over for a few hours before I served lunch.
That's when the fun started.
Her kids don't speak English, so if I need to say something I need to use the moodiest interpreter in Paris, otherwise known as Jaylee.
They quickly finished playing a card game in the living room and headed off to pick another when I said they had to clean up the first one. So I tell Jaylee to ask him to help her.
Her reply,
"I don't want to say that."
Oh, okay then. So I give it a go and he walks off.
Jaylee looks at me and says, "He says he is the guest and he doesn't have to."
Okay then.
So, I tell her to tell him the we play with one toy at a time rule around here.
Okay then.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am officially THAT immigrant mom you see in a Texas Wal-Mart on any given day.
So, I decide two can play this game.
Well, Miss Jaylee, then you can clean the entire mess up by yourself until you learn to stand up for yourself.


Anonymous said...

So? What did you serve to follow osso bucco? Curious mind wants to know :).

Peggy Rice said...

lasagna:) Very cheesy, cheesy, cheesy lasagna:)

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I love that no matter the story, it always ends in Cheers!!

Jeremy said...

You should have smacked him with the wooden spoon. I am disappointed in how soft you've gotten.