Under a pile

When family comes to town, I go on vacation as well.
I introduced my sister Patty to picnik.
Have you tried it out?
I did our Christmas cards there today, I say you go on over, edit your photos and then upload them to whatever site you like.
Just a thought. What do think about all those doll heads? We loved them!
They were lined up perfectly at the flea market just waiting to scare the crap out of some poor little kid.
Luckily we don't scare easily.
You know what does scare me?
This...That my dear friends is also what happens when family comes to town. Brandon worked on it over the weekend and I chiseled away at it Monday.
Doesn't matter, because Aidan, other wise know as the "winged boy" flew into our bed last night and wet ALL the bedding. You remember the size of our washing machine right?
It is 10:06 and there are no clean blankets in the house.
The mattress pad would not dry so it is now accessorizing the dining room chairs.
Why is Aidan currently called the "winged boy" you ask?
Well, because he believes he can fly.
He flew from the corner of his bed to the other corner of the bed.
He stuck the landing alright.
On his NECK!
He currently looks like we tried to strangle him, but won't allow any photos.
He told the doctor,
"Me fly (fwy) to mommies bed to tickle her"
She told him he didn't have wings.
He in turn flaps his arms laughing at her.
"Me have (haff) wings."


Brandon said...

How is this going for us?

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I hope he finds softer landings. I am a little worried about the stairs at Gramps.