Good Days

Not all days during vacation are perfect.
Sometimes unexpected things come up and we just have to deal with it.
Check that one off the list.

These little faces always make a day good.



Retail therapy never hurt either.


(Downtown Coeur d'Alene toy store, not to be missed. I love Target too, but don't forget to ALWAYS support little stores like this. They are amazing!)

The best part of the day?
Meeting up with long time friends the Duddlesten's!
Saddest part of the night? Realizing I did not take one picture with them.
I would like to thank Jeremy for the best Christmas present ever.
My husband was going to let my heart break by not telling me that my favorite store of all time had simply moved and not actually closed it's beautiful doors. Jeremy, the good friend that he is, slipped up next to Erin and I, and whispered the new location in my ear.
I now sit here typing in the cutest Pine Cone Hill PJ you have ever seen. Plus I stuffed my own stocking thanks to Jeremy.


Kerrie said...

Do you see the leg pose on Miss Jay, she gets that from me. just ask Carol and Jody. A good leg lift will take off ten pounds. LOL

Isobel said...

Bet todeay will be a "gooood day!"
Can't wait to see you all in Vegas next week! Hugs to EVERYONE!
Mimaw and Pipaw

Dad said...


Will try to see you in Vegas.

Luv Dad

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Christian said, "when did Aiden get so big?" My thoughts exactly!! Beautiful, beautiful children