Crossing the pond

We left Paris in snow.I figured I should have a photo of myself in the snow in Paris, even if it does suck a little. Had to go out and get a last minute gift and enjoyed the snowy streets of Paris in the process. I think I enjoy it more now than at the actual moment if you want the truth. Snow does not bring the jolly out of the Parisians, it messes up their shoes.

You know what brings the joy out me and the people of Paris? Buche de Noel.

That's a whole lot of French fabulousness right there. Thank you Katie, for our first ever taste of Buche de Noel. Katie and Scott brought this over for Jaylee's birthday and then we sat around and proceeded to drink 4 bottles of wine. Again, the French know how to live well, we are just doing our part to participate.

Then we all headed back across the pond.

My trip across the pond landed me in Idaho, land of my favorite thrift store shopping. I want these globes. All of them.

My little traveler who apparently enjoys the USA today. I on the other hand am far less cerebral. I watched three movies and ate and drank my way home. I finally watched Julie and Julia, loved it!!! That movie deserves an entire blog entry.

When this little piece of heaven ended, otherwise known as Air France (the blankets where even fashioned after Hermes (that link takes you to a great blog) any who I do love all the details that they have included, we headed to our favorite spot.

Aidan brought the flu to the USA. You're welcome, we like to share. Less than 24 hours later we would return to the hospital due to the little fact that a fig newton got lodged in Aidan's nasal passage. Gross.
I must say, what a relaxing trip to the hospital. I know that health care is a hot topic, but folks you have no idea how nice it is here. Again, by the end of this trip I will blog about this. But count your blessings that you have such nice facilities at your disposal.
You know what else you have that I'm very envious of?
Cheap thrift stores.
Filled to the gills with all the things I love.
It's not a thrift store until there's a dead animal. Okay, I don't want the dead animal, but it does make me giggle.

Enjoy your Monday!


Mary said...

I want to travel like the Rice's. Trust Aidan is feeling better and your vacation is going great.
Can't wait to see ya'll.

Carol said...

I LOVED Julie and Julia....yes the French know how to live, but we have Central Heating and Lovely Bathroom!

Also, if you get another movie night...Young Victoria...

I hope Aidan is feeling better...my kid put pea gravel up his nose one time....why do they do these things.

Love to you all.