Candy Man

Do you remember the man who gave the kids all the sugar at the grocery store last summer?
The Candy Man.
Well, he has resurfaced.
The kids and I have not seen him since the day in question, but our luck is changing.
Saturday, we are all walking home and we run into some neighbors on the street. We inquire about all things new, babies, homework, screaming kids in the streets of Paris, the regular.
As we bid our goodbyes, I spy Candy Man.
He is hanging out of his first floor apartment window, full of smiles.
I do the regular exchange the kids speak and we keep a steady pace.
From the looks of Candy Man, I would say he has been in that apartment since August, using the handy home delivery for everything!
As we walk away, Brandon laughs and says, "you're famous in the "hood"."
I giggle and let him know who he just met, Candy Man is famous, not I.
Well, as luck (if you can call it that) would have it, Candy Man was hanging out of his window on the way home after school today.
We did the exchange of smiles, how are you, have a good night and off we went.
Candy Man has not seen a shower in a LONG time.
Today his hands were in constant motion, caressing each other, I would say delivery was running a bit behind.
As we walked away, Jaylee asked me:
"Does it hurt when grown ups lose their teeth?"
To which I answered, "yes, yes, it does and they don't grow back."

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