Oldest Friend

Kindergarten through second grade was a long time ago for me.
However, I remember it well. I can still see the classroom, the playground, what the people looked like, you name it. I can't remember half of the things I need to in my daily life, but I remember this place and time in my life vividly.
Community Christian School in Pleasanton is burned in my mind.
I remember once the whole school (very small) was lined up in the hall outside the main worship room and we were all looking at the enormous spit wads thrown at the door. We were supposed to tell if we knew who did.
I knew. I didn't tell. It was Matt Jones, brother to Mike Jones, there now I've said it.
Cutest boys in school, their secret remained safe, until now:)
I also remember bringing forbidden finger nail polish to school and painting everyone's nails during recess.
I was ratted out instantly.
Not the cutest girl in school, that's what happens:)
My partners in crime were Grace Hill and Tammy (can't spell her last name).
They were my first friends and I have not seen Grace since she and her family moved away. Until now:
Grace came to Paris! Thanks to facebook and Meredith Dowdy, we found each other and got to spend an incredible evening together. On the way to meet her I was so excited, like first date excited. Funny. The last time I saw her we were playing dolls and running around the school yard and Saturday night we were toasting to friendship in a hidden restaurant in the 6th arrondissement in Paris.

That is the chef, he loved Grace too. He was talking and talking about how much he liked the states, "people are nice, they don't care if your big (pointing to his tummy), they don't care where you come from..." He was great!

He sent his daughter to the states to learn English. He sent her off with two bottles of wine to give to the family that she was staying was with. The family didn't drink. She lasted a month.

If Paris didn't have wine, I would have only lasted a month as well.

The chef had some advice on how to learn French,
"take a lover." He pointed to Grace and said, "come on with me let's go" and acts like he's walking out the door. Perfect.

All of this was done in French, with me giving a rough translation of what he was saying. Fun!

The man can cook! I don't necessarily want a lover, but I will wash dishes in exchange for food, wine and conversation. (Jody is in black and Keely is in green, Keely is a friend of Grace's that now lives in Paris, and is now a friend of mine!)

Here's to life long friends! Cheers!


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

So glad you got to visit with your long lost friend. I have to say you must be busy, not to much posting going on here. Love ya

Peggy Rice said...

My nurse duties are ending, I should be back normal soon!

Sari said...

What a neat reunion! So glad you got to spend time with an old friend and make new ones.

gg said...

Thanks for the memories...old and new. I had a great time with you that night and wish i could have met Brandon and your kids....next time. You're a great writer BTW. Did you get a degree in journalism? We didn't even get to talking about college. :) Good Times. Thanks again!