12 Days

12 Days DHL has been TRYING to deliver a package to our door.

I was home ALL day.
Two sick kids. I was home.
I go downstairs and find a ticket saying they attempted to deliver at 11:30.

I made a deal with myself to try and not use curse words.
So here goes: Crumbs.
Did the guy just decide it was to hard to push the button that says: RICE?
I called DHL.
I tried to be assertive and angry in a language that is not my own.
She told me tomorrow.
I told her "incroyable".
She told me, Merci.
When I get angry I tell myself, it's not their fault.
Why, is it not their fault?
Because of this:
This is homework. You write within a box and within certain lines. Do not go above certain lines and do not go below certain lines. Stay within the box. The teacher calls the word out, the child writes it. Repeat until perfect.
They are not taught to think outside of this box.
Poetry memorization starts soon.
Here is just an example of just how different the two cultures can really be:


As a note, I must say that I'm GLAD she is learning to write in cursive, because if there was ever a child who needed to acknowledge that a box was indeed there without an argument, it is Jaylee.


Jon Van said...

Feel lucky they left a msg. UPS threw my package over the six foot fence at the other end of the property. There was a dent in the ground from its landing and the box had busted open. It was a coffee maker I returned under warranty to get repaired. Occasionally UPS will send a driver that has never been to the ranch. This was apparently one of the "really smart" ones. Anita and I were out for a walk and just happen to find it the same day it was chunked to us. Remarkably the coffee maker works. I was boiling too.

Carol said...

On the subject of handwriting...I think it is an important skill to master...yes we have other ways to communicate, but I think there is a strong link to being able to write in clear manner and THINK in a clear manner. It is just the way we are....so good for Jaylee...she will get the hang of it!