Mom Suit

Oh my sweet friends I have missed you. This will be short and sweet, but I have far too many thoughts in my head to go uncharted. I see in the drafts that Phil has another coming for you. Let me just say, he is WAY smarter than me, the vocabulary alone makes me smile. I am officially a smart BLOG, with my guest bloggers.
Now, back to your regularly scheduled, and far less educated blogger, Moi.
The only problem I can see with this vacation is that it is too good. I have no desire to return to my life. Mr. Rice has out done himself.
We are having lots of smiles, cocktails, naps, laughs and fabulous days that I so wish would never end. The French have it right with a minimum of two weeks for vacation. It's a good life! My camera is working overtime.

I have also realised something while looking back at photos. I am the proud owner of a MOM suit. You have heard of the MOM jeans, but I have now seen the MOM suit and sadly I am wearing it. From the front it will trick you, plunging V-neck that shows just enough cleavage to make you think I'm cool.But, don't be fooled. I have seen what I look like from behind thanks to my handy camera. It's a MOM ass. I have seen it before. Yes, I have, on my dear aunt Tia. We have the same ass. Those fit genes that my mother inherited skipped the two of us and we were granted with this.There, you have it, a girl in a MOM suit. You can say you saw it on RueRice first.
There are a few things one can do when faced with this photo.
A. Take action and workout.
B. Take it like a woman and show off that MOM ass and be proud.

I have no idea which path I will take seeing as there are far too many cocktails to be had and much to my surprise I find that I very much like laying out and soaking up the sun. The way I see it, why not add some sun spots to that flat ass. Perhaps people will be so taken aback by my tan that they will not notice my lack of assets.


Brandon said...

You look beautiful!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Peggy, don't fear, you have not hit the all out Mom suit of swim-shorts and a Tankini top, although this is actually more revealing than my prior suit 25+ lbs ago which was a tankini with swim capris!!! Didn't know they made those for us fat asses did ya. Anyway show it off sister! Love you Kerrie

Peggy Rice said...

Kerrie, you made me laugh out loud!

Campbell's House said...

Don't make me post a real MOM suit!!! Lest you forget, I too lu-huv to worship the sun... and not even this oh so pregnant body has kept me completely out of sight.

And, just to make you feel ever so slightly much better- Chew on this visual: Mix in the the "JLo" assets I've been packing around my whole life to the preggo package. I am telling you, the neighborhood pool goers are getting an eyeful this summer!

Enjoy the vacay!
Totally Green with Envy

PS- you are totally rocking the MOM suit!!! You look great!

Marit said...

What are complaining about? You look great and I was heavily distracted by the tan you are developing on your shoulders!
Enjoy France!

Peggy Rice said...

Dude, sad thing is, i seriously think i have the same suit...and i have 0 kids!

Peggy Rice said...

I do believe Patty H. commented under my name down there:)

Michelle said...

If you were trying to make the rest of us feel better about ourselves, give it up! You look great! Now, sew a little skirt around the bottom of that suit and THEN you can call it a "Mom suit". Drink some cocktails for me!