One Day

One day, not now, I want this dog. When my children are older and can do all things related to the bathroom themselves, I want this dog.


Campbell's House said...

So once you have your children toilet trained... you want to start scooping dog poop? :)
I say get the dog now so the kids can scoop the poop for you!

Jeremy said...

Peg - these dogs do not exist. That one was clearly a robotic imitation. A real dog would have a stain around it's mouth from the dog food and it's breath would have woken you up... even if it was on the floor next to your bed. Then it would pee on your new house's carpet and shed it's hair all over your sweet new dark hardwood floors. It would likely bark at random things too, such as pots and pans, garbage trucks, regular trucks, cars, people and all other objects animate and inanimate.

Peggy Rice said...

Jeremy did you get a new dog? That sounds like it comes from a bit of person experience:) I'm rather hoping for the robotic imitation.