Joyeux Paques

Happy Easter is Joyeux Paques and there is no Easter Bunny in Paris. Which if you ask me is okay, I always had a hard time explaining that one anyway. In France a bell rings in the sky and drops the chocolates, trust me, you want to catch some because it is good chocolate!
We tried out a new church today and they even threw chocolate from the stage, I had visions of Mardi Gras, except they didn't ask us to show our t#@$ for the chocolate! The service was interesting, definitely interesting enough for us to try it again. The pastor speaks in English and his wife then repeats it in French. I had a hard time focusing on the message, because the translation part was so interesting now that I can understand a large portion of what they are saying. So maybe I will kill two birds with one stone, get a little peace in my life and improve my French, trust me I need both. I don't know about your family, but why is that when we try to make it to church we want to kill each other before we ever get there? We run late, the bus runs late, I wear heels, Aidan cries the whole time, Brandon turns red at the thought of being late, I want to call the whole thing off and just go get a coffee, but by the time we sit in the church seats we are always happy that we made it. So goes another Easter in the Rice family.
Also, for our first Easter in Paris we got invited to lunch by one of Jaylee's classmates family and it was wonderful. We are horrible at time as it is (Brandon is ultra punctual and I am a bit more laid back), but there are rules in France as to what time you really show up once you are invited. So now, not only am I nervous that we will be early, but also late. Add to the fact that I have read far to many books that say never to bring wine or flowers when being invited to a have a meal in France at someones home. So we are later than anticipated (thank you 18 metro stops and Aidan passing out on the metro) and we show up with nothing except chocolates for the children which just makes you feel a bit odd. Thankfully, they are very nice people and they made us right at home once we walked in the door with a cocktail. My kind of people. The kids had a great time, we had a great time and we got to hear Jaylee speak French which always makes us smile.
So, here is to new friends, new traditions and resurrections!


Kerrie said...

Joyeux Paques Rue Rice
We wish you the best and tell Miss Jaylee that Auntie Kerrie LOVES the hair. Very beautiful.
The Smith Family

Carol said...

If it is any consolation, I used to feel the same way about getting 3 boys to church...this was before Richard converted and I had to do most of the yelling, screaming, pleading and nagging on my own...but once there I was always glad we did...
Sounds like a New York Easter taking the subway to Aunties...

I think you are supposed to send flowers before or the next day or a nice note of thanks after.

The reason you don't bring flowers is because you don't want your hostess to have to take the time away from her guests to arrange them properly and of course the wine might not go with the meal...the French really are quite sensible. You look so pretty in the photo!!!
Joyeux Paques mes amies,


Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Ah, good explanation from Carol on the whole flowers and wine thing!! We have taken to Saturday night church services, for the very reason you described. Happy belated Easter my friend. The picture looks fabulous!!

Sari said...

Happy Easter! You guys looks beautiful. I'm so glad we're not the only ones with chaos when trying to get to church. You described us to a tee. I'm so proud of your Frenchly etiquette. Way to go! The whole no wine/no flowers makes total sense....why didn't we think of that? Hugs.