Paris Valentine's

We have spent many a Valentine together. Thirteen to be exact. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that being in Paris for Valentine's Day this year was by far the best. I have read many blogs and many say they "love" each other everyday, so Valentine's is not a big deal.
If there is a day to celebrate, I say celebrate.

I love mine everyday too, just some days more than others. Throw in some gifts and liquor and I love him a LOT! This Valentine's Day, February 14th, I loved him a bit more than the 13th of February.
He made reservations at a fancy restaurant that I'm sure they don't even allow children in the door. He set up a taxi to pick us up at the door of our apartment, no Metro for me on Valentine's Day. Now that will get you some good lovin right there.
We arrived at the Le Cab, had some fabulously overpriced drinks in the swanky bar downstairs. Then made our way upstairs for some good one on one time that did not include me doing the dishes or cooking. Again, that will get you some lovin.

We discussed the fact that we must do this more often. At least once a month. Not the extreme of this restaurant, but at least go out by ourselves and take in the city. This was my first time seeing the Louvre lit up at night!

Children's bedtimes and nightlife, do not go hand in hand. After we made the decision to do this more often we settled in for the duration of the French meal. They are long folks, but very worth it. We behaved ourselves pretty well, you know soft voices, the whole nine yards until I threw my fork on the floor. That should have been a precursor. French restaurants our small, so you either hate your neighbors or love them. I'm guessing that night they decided to put all the English speakers together. If they wanted a quite romantic evening that was a bad idea. Not only did they put us by English speakers, they put us by British, American and Swedish homosexual English speakers. They were hilarious! I am in love with their accents. Every time the guy said the "F" word, it sounded poetic, to which he said thank you Hugh Grant! They were all fabulous. We liked them so much we went to the "club" downstairs after our meal. Club, just sounds funny now. Two kids and a mom bag will do that to you. At one point, Hylton said, "What do you carry in that bag?" Everything. Cool mom bag, not a cool Club bag, note to self. They were ever so nice to watch the mom bag while Brandon and I went out to dance, err, yeah, that's what it was, we are rusty.

So here's to celebrating Valentine's Day, even if it's not the COOL thing to do! I love it and I'm going to keep on celebrating!


Sari said...

You go girl! Way to celebrate! They sure do look like a fun bunch. Hey, who cares about the size of your purse, you look super stylish.

Campbell's House said...

Purse girl in, Paris? Perhaps a trendy French clutch is in order? LOL.
I bet all the snotty bodies were just jealous when you pulled out handcream, lip balm, Purel, and handy wipes out of the cool Mom bag!
Love ya!