Winter Wonderland

Do you ever have one of those days that you never want to end?
I had one over the past 24 hours.
Brandon and I drove over to Coeur d'Alene yesterday for some Christmas shopping.Let's just say visibility was not great.

Most of the town was shut down.

But there was ONE place that was open...

Brandon was a star husband and we spent 2 1/2 glorious hours here.

It gets better, then he treated us to a night at my favorite resort while Aunt Kerrie watched the kids! Words cannot express my gratitude to her for that. I have not slept past 3:30 am since we arrived. Kids and jet lag are killing us! Thank you, thank you Kerrie!

I love this hotel! There is nothing like it!

This is downtown Coeur d'Alene covered in 31 inches of snow.

I couldn't stop saying the words, beautiful and amazing! We also did some window shopping (they were closed due to weather).
We finished up our night with cocktails around the fire!O' but it gets better.

He ordered the rose petal breakfast brunch room service for us this morning.

Did it stop there?


Down to the spa for one of the best facials ever!

The best 24 hours! One of those days you are just so thankful for and never want it to end. You just want to take a deep breath and never let it out.

I Believe I am restored.


Cari said...

that sounds amazing!! So glad you are having a wonderful time!!

Copper Rabbit said...

Good Brandon! Good Kerrie! Just in time to secure your place on his list.

Jeremy said...

I wish we were there! My dad buried the Suburban in the ditch on the driveway. They only see the top 12 inches of the railing on the decks! Wrong year to choose to stay in Dallas....

Carol said...

I believe the best present parents can give to their children is the example of a loving and happy marriage...I am glad you two had some time alone...can't wait to see you in January!


Sari said...

I believe you deserved a blissful 24 hours. I believe Brandon is a good husband. And, I believe you both deserved time together. Yes, congratulations for thinking of each other - I know it's hard to do. Christmas Blessings to all!

Kerrie said...

Miss you all so much and would take those kids a million times over. 6 months

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Those pictures are amazing. Texas will never see beautiful snow like that, but we sure hope to see the Rice Family when you get here!!! Christian cannot wait to see Jaylee!! Call when you can.

Copper Rabbit said...

What the crap! I'll Winter Wonderland you! It's a trap get out! I want to see those kids in Vegas when I get off that plan or else! Love, amd