Eye of the beholder


When I think of a snow day, I think of snuggling up on the couch and not much more.

This is what a child thinks of.

Running outside to catch it. No worries of a hat, coat, gloves or clothes for that matter.

Forget laying on the couch, because there was none of that. We played every game and toy possible and even made up a few along the way...

"Let mommy sit here and you go hide. When I ring the bell brother will come and find you."

But we did a get a mommy treat too.

No, I did not spike it.

Well, it is no longer snowing here, but it is cold outside! Not only is it cold it can rain at the most inappropriate times.

Every seen a mom push a stroller and hold an umbrella at the same time?

Me neither.

So as I'm cursing every decision ever made to move us here with small children, I turn to see Jaylee...tongue out, standing in the rain on the side of the street.

"What are you doing?"

To which she simply says, "Tasting it" .

I wish I had her attitude.

I would like to mention that Aidan does not share her rosy disposition.

Once we finally made it to a bus stop and then boarded the bus, he let everyone know, just how pissed off he was. Screaming, kicking off his boots and yelling my name...over and over. Bribery did not work, no go on the chocolate and threats were not even heard. At this point I look up to see a woman turned around in her seat just to get a "good" look at us. It is a good thing I took tennis in high school (don't worry I'm not claiming to have been good, rather the polar opposite), I served up the most hateful, pissed off glare the woman had ever received and without a bat of the eye or tongue she turned to face forward. I am getting tougher...on some days. Trust me, inside I am having many silent conversations with myself. If only I spoke French...

So, today since there was no rain we walked to school. On the way home seeing as it was freezing Aidan had something to say about it. As he is screaming out his point, on the icy bridge, a woman stopped to put in her two cents as well. Standing there on the bridge holding a snotty nosed child (yes, he is still sick...fever to boot), I contemplated what exactly she might be saying. Nothing really nice came to my head. So, when she was finished I said, "oui".

To which she laughed and walked away.

#50 on things to be grateful for...not understanding French just yet.


Sari said...

OMG!!! Hang in there. I feel like crying and laughing at the same time. You know though, you do have a witty sense of humor, so that helps....and thank God you have all of us to share it with. Give yourself a big hug. Stay warm.

Jeremy said...

Peg - WTF?! Hit that woman with the wooden spoon! You are going soft.

Mary said...

Yeah,what Jeremy said....spoonbeat'm!!!
I vote you move to Italy and be done with those none German speaking French snots.

Carol said...

Oh darling,

You are a sweet girl from Texas who never mastered the "ARCHED EYEBROWS OF DEATH"...go to the mirror and practice raising those eyebrows and glaring back! and then glare some more!

How dare they...even French babies can be little pills.

However...one quick question..is Aidan teething? One time one of my boys went through a stage of throwing fits and it turned out to be new teeth...nothing a little Advil wouldn't help.

Love you dear and so grateful you are friend.