The beach comes to Paris

Well most Parisians have high tailed it out of Paris by now, but a few remain. For the those of us remaining, Paris brought the beach, complete with sand to the shores of the Siene. It was actually fun and a good change from the Wednesday routine. We took a picnic and let kids fill absolutely every orifice with sand.

The new little cutie in the pictures is Nicolas. His mother's name is Gloria and I think I have found my Paris inspiration. They have been here 3 years and she moves effortlessly through the streets and deals rather smoothly with ways of the Parisian life.

A prime example of her "smoothness" came at H&M (clothing store). For some reason in Paris waiting lines are optional. You could have been standing there waiting patiently and some very entitled person who is far too important to wait in line jumps in front of you with not even so much as a side apologetic glance. Just leaving you standing there feeling angry on the inside, but at a lose for the words to defend yourself. However, lately the men and ladies at the market know who I am, and if a very important person jumps the line they look at me over the lady and say "a toi" (I'm not sure of the spelling), roughly translated, your turn. Sweet sound to my ears. So, back to the point. Gloria was in line and a very important woman jumped in front of her. However, Gloria did not sit back and take it. Very authoritative and nonapologetic she says, "Excusez-moi madame...".

I have got to get me some of that!

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Carol said...

How cool is that a beach in Paris. If only someone in Texas had that kind of imagination....here you would have to pay.....I forgot that you get to shop at H & M..that looks like a fun shop.

As for being assertive you will get there and yes they are saying a toi (and you?) which is a tad familiar, they used to say a vous. (my accents don't work on the laptop)
Remember girl, we liberated that town in August of 1945 and very graciously let General LeClerc and the French Army march in first!

Love ya