Parental Control

So, if it's not the Internet connection that I have a hard time with these days it is the "Parental Control" of the computer. Apparently, when we set up the Internet with Orange we also, installed "Parental Control". Guess who couldn't get passed the Parental Control? In my complete frustration, I thought who am I going to call...that speaks English. A kid. The only people these Parental Controls stop or slow down are the parents. So as expected, the teenage boy (Jonathan, Katie's son) talked me right through it, on the phone while he was waiting for the train. You have to love technology. So, let's hope that I don't hit any more glitches along the way and I stay connected. I truly am much less grumpy if I have an Internet connection.

So, while I was disconnected I had my first French Lesson. It was not as bad as it could have been. We learned phrases at the bakery. This I can do. However, for my own homework I am going to order some new dessert that I learned. I will post pictures, so we can all learn together. Speaking of learning French I had so hoped to impress my teacher with a few French words that I learned from a French Word a Day. Sadly, I just loved her blog and pictures, I learned no French.

You would think at 33 I would already be able to say my address and phone number. Nope. That is my homework. I have to learn my address and phone number. Humbling. Also, in French Rice is pronounced Reese. So now my name is Madame Reese. I also bought an English/French Dictionary. That feels so real. Now, I really do live here. It takes me a while sometimes.

Also, I have managed to piss off my Guardian. That is the person that takes care of the Trash and cleans the common areas of the building. How did I know that I pissed her off. My trash was moved to my parking space. Yes, she took the time to put my bags in my parking space. I apparently also need a lesson on how to take out the trash. So, my tutor and I set out to remedy the situation. We didn't really figure out anything, so she said if she ran into anyone in the building she would ask for me. Well, as fate would have it I ran into the Guardian. Through sign language and Spanish I figured out the problem. Again problem solved, but this time in SpanFrench.

Well folks, since I have been without my blog addiction for a while I am going to post a few pictures to catch you all up and then we are back to blog as usual.
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Carol said...

Well as the song in My Fair Lady goes..."the French don't care what you say really, as long as you pronounce it properly"!

Love you and miss you,