What not to do with an 18 month in Paris

The double decker bus. It seems like a good idea, but you must pick the right bus. We made a small error that cost us more time, money, and a bit of sanity. If you choose the right bus you make 9 stops. If you choose the wrong bus, yellow, you make 19 stops. Guess which one we chose. We assumed they were the same company, the only thing that gave Brandon pause was the price increase. Why they charge you more for torture and static filled earphones, I have yet to figure out. All that said, we did get to see some of the sights, even if it was between screams, shrills, up, down, lay down, throw yourself down on the ground and then start all over again. So enjoy the slide show this week.

Once the "ride" was over, we headed to the park in front of the Eiffel Tower and let the kids run off some steam. Although, Jaylee's activities did not include running, but rather watching little boys run and play soccer. She perched herself on a bench right by the field where the for mentioned little men were playing and pretended to be doing "homework". Once she finished her "work" I asked her if she saw the boys and she coolly replies, "yea, I like the little Blondie one". O we are in trouble. A bit later here comes the ball they where playing with. She jumps up and kicks it back. In perfect little boy fashion, it "accidentally" happens again. This time the little boy of interest is now so embarrassed that he has run and hid under a tree. Brandon was beside himself. "Those boys are like 9." Welcome to your future.

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